Saffron Striders Championship 2022

New - 05 May 22: Results from St. Claire Hospice and Ashdon 10K added, plus marathons.
RANK STRIDER M #1 #2 #3 Bonus Total
1Marco Arcidiacono69.9068.5270.9068.3930.00308
2June Brennan69.2374.2573.2930.00247
3Alan Jones65.9569.6067.0930.00233
4Neil Halls57.5962.1460.2010.00190
5Toby Lumsden75.1172.3230.00177
6Michael Bradley45.9152.5552.1220.00171
7David Raimondo68.5075.0020.00163
8David Martin65.7561.2830.00157
9Fliss Tournant63.4668.1320.00152
10Issie Grayson47.2247.6044.2910.00149
11Flo Greatrix56.3161.2820.00138
12Lisa Plumb59.6157.3220.00137
13Fiona Halls63.1061.6510.00135
14Andrew Page51.5855.9920.00128
15Kerry Harrington66.8657.21124
16Claire Steel50.8449.0410.00110
17Richard Balarkas67.7430.0098
18John James64.4230.0094
19Nigel Coates69.3120.0089
20Margit Wendelberger James69.3410.0079
21Shani Lewis57.4620.0077
22Lucie Heanley62.3210.0072
23Tim McMahon60.0210.0070
24Mark Coutts54.2910.0064
25Chloe Brown63.8764
26Anne Dawson62.4662
27Nikki Coutts49.9410.0060
28Graeme Loudain59.7760
29Linda Brett58.0158
30Andrew Armour56.6157
31Mark Frow51.7852
32Archie Ruggles-Brise49.0649
33Alexandre Ros46.3446
34Kate Holden30.0030
35Paul Long30.0030
36Iain Rogers30.0030
37Oliver Diggins20.0020
38Charlotte Diggins20.0020
39Zib Gotto20.0020
40Iain Henley20.0020
41Helen Howard20.0020
42Arthur Oliva20.0020
43Mark Thackstone20.0020
44Simon Chambers10.0010
45Alistair Cooke10.0010
46Chris Dodge10.0010
47Lewis Elmes10.0010
48Mark Fitzhenry10.0010
49Lee Gamble10.0010
50Tina Hamilton10.0010
51Justin James10.0010
52Tamara Lamb10.0010
53Ian MacDougall10.0010
54Russell Peters10.0010
55Arnold Sienerth10.0010
56Alex Smith10.0010
57Kate Waite10.0010
58Nick White10.0010

Qualifying Races

Event Date
MAny official marathon or ultra run during the year 
PAny Park Run, 5k 9am any Saturday you choose 
1Haverhill 10k13th March 2022
2St Clare Hospice 10k10th April 2022
3Ashdon 10k2nd May 2022
4Hatfield Broad Oak 10k3rd June 2022 (Saturday!)
5Saffron Striders 5k (home event of summer 5k league)14th July 2022
6Felsted 10k17th July 2022
7Pleshey Half Marathon (Essex Athletics champ race so may fill up quickly)11th September 2022
8Steeple Bumpstead 10kSeptember - Date TBD
9Abington 10k 2nd October 2022
10Cambridge Town & Gown 10k16th October 2022
11Roding Valley Half MarathonNovember 2022 - Date TBD
12Bass Belle 10mNovember 2022 - Date TBD

1Points are awarded based on your age graded performance (WMA) in each race. E.g. a WMA score of 62% will result in 62 points.
2The best 8 WMA scores out of the 13 listed races to count.
3 10 bonus points to be awarded for competing or marshalling/helping at each of the 5K summer league and XC league events during the year. Note bonus points are not awarded for the listed 5k race.